All photos taken by Mike Riley unless otherwise noted 

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Crown Vics:

FHP_01_Crown_vic_unit_1965_rear1_th.jpg (4902 bytes)

FHP '01 Crown Vic Police Interceptor, rear view, Nov. '01, Troop C.

FHP_01_Crown_vic_slicktop_th.jpg (5134 bytes)

FHP '01 Crown Vic Police Interceptor slicktop, Nov. '01, Troop C.

FHP_01_Crown_vic_slicktop_unit_248_rear1_th.jpg (4408 bytes)

FHP '01 Crown Vic Police Interceptor slicktop, rear view, Nov. '02, Troop C.

FHP_Captains_Crown_Vic_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4445 bytes)

Captain's car, Troop C, Mar. '02. Car is loaded for 'bear' with strobes galore, lightstik and radar! Unusual for FHP, since this is a supervisors car and not the normal traffic enforcement type role. Other states such as South Carolina and Virginia make much more use of unmarked cars for traffic enforcement.

FHP_Corporals_Crown_Vic_at_Troop_C_1_th.jpg (4155 bytes)

Marked Crown Vic at Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_Corporals_Crown_Vic_at_Troop_C_2_th.jpg (4782 bytes)

Marked Crown Vic at Troop C, Mar. '02. Note the old style revolving blue dash light. Nice blue unmarked LT1 Caprice in background with beauty rings.
FHP_car_lineup_at_pinellas_jan_2002_th.jpg (5024 bytes)

Lineup of FHP cars, Nov. '02, Troop C.

FHP_crown_vics_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4412 bytes)

New and old Crown Vics at Troop C. Older vehicle is K9 unit with dark windows. Note very small 'State Trooper' lettering on newer Ford, and none on K9 unit!

FHP_marked_with_lots_of_elec_equipment_th.jpg (4510 bytes)

And the winner of the most equipment is...How many antennas can you count? Try 9! 4 small roof ones are for Lojack, CB, 800 Mhz, repeater, radar antenna on left side.

FHP_marked_with_lots_of_elec_equipment2_th.jpg (4452 bytes)

Another shot..not only a boatload of antenna but a ton of lights! Troopers add any extra strobes out of pocket. Notice strobes lit up and side window strobes as well!

FHP_new_2002_crown_vics_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4693 bytes)

New 2002 Police Package Interceptors at Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_new_2002_crown_vics_at_Troop_C_2_th.jpg (4620 bytes)

Rear view, 2002 Police Package Interceptors at Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_Crown_vic_lineup_at_troop_K_1_th.jpg (3626 bytes)

Crown Vic lineup, FHP Troop K, July 2002. Troop K is solely responsible for the Florida Turnpike.

FHP_Crown_vic_lineup_at_troop_K_with_camaro_in_bckgrnd_th.jpg (4339 bytes)

Another look at Troop K. Note Camaro in background.

FHP_CV_Lineup_at_Trp_K_Jul_02_2_th.jpg (4708 bytes)

One more shot of Troop K cars, July 2002. The inside joke is these cars make "one big left turn" patrolling the length of the Turnpike!

FHP_out_of_service_CV_at_Trp_K_th.jpg (4181 bytes)

Out of service vehicles await disposal, Troop K, July 2002.

FHP_out_of_service_cars_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (5288 bytes)

Out of service vehicles await disposal at Troop C, Mar. '02. Still lettered, unit numbers written on windshield.

FHP_out_of_svc_cars_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4733 bytes)

More out of service vehicles await disposal at Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_unmarked_blue_2002_Crown_Vic_th.jpg (5026 bytes)

Nice dark blue unmarked Crown Vic, Troop C, Pinellas.

FHP_unmarked_blue_2002_Crown_Vic_with_2002_B4C_unit_2012_in_back_th.jpg (4467 bytes)

Rear view Captains car, Troop C, Pinellas. Notice Camaro in back.

photos_409_th.jpg (4292 bytes)

FHP Unit 409, Troop C, Tampa, March, 2003. Note the older lightbar, most other CV's use the Vector.

New Crown Vics await rollout at Troop C, Pinellas Park, FL. Note paper temp tag on window. June, '03 photo.

Another shot of the new hardware, with standard Vector lightbar, 2 deck strobes, front deck strobe. June, '03, photo.

Pretty good whack on the quarter panel for this CV. June, '03 photo.

2004 Crown Vic at Troop C HQ, ready for deployment. Notice new wheels and pushers, but still the old Vector lightbar. Check out the wrecked B4C in the background.

Older CV with Vector lightbar.

Older CV with Code 3 lightbar. This was used for many years on FHP cars, but not as widely as the Vector.

Lineup at Ocala station, 2003.

Another shot on down the line!

2000_FHP_crown_vic_window_sticker_th.jpg (5153 bytes)

2000 FHP Police Interceptor Crown Vic window sticker.

2003 CV with Vector in nice Florida setting. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Nice FHP lineup with B4C flanked by slicktop units, lightbar cars in rear. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Side view shows differences in CV wheels, body styles. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Great shot of the Shuttle taking off behind this FHP slicktop south of Jacksonville...look hard and the vapor trail can be seen! Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Working I-95 near Jax, two FHP slicktops flank one of the 19 unmarked Marauders FHP uses. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Rear view along I-95. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Nice front end view..traffic slowing down! Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

New Javelin lightbar on right, red/blue combined, long time coming! This is being deployed in place of the Federal Signal Vector, starting mid-2005. It has a photocell which controls the red/blue combination for daytime use, forcing it to one color at night. Very bright! Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Nice shot of FHP's vehicles in use as of Sep 2005. Crown Vic, second from left, has new Javelin LED bar. The use of red breaks a long time tradition of FHP blue light only usage. Other agencies throughout Florida do use only blue as well, but most run a red/blue mix..Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Out with the old..this lineup of Vector equipped cars taken on the Suncoast Expressway, Troop K, Pasco County, May 2006, shows a full suite of Vector equipped cars..Contrast this with-

A little over one year later, as this lineup from the Mahan Rd station, Troop A in Tallahassee illustrates.


FHP_93_Caprice_unit_60_rear_th.jpg (4673 bytes)

FHP 1994 Caprice unit 60, Nov. '01, Troop C. This tag is still in service, but on a CV now.

FHP_94_Caprice_at_Troop_C_2_th.jpg (4846 bytes)

'94 LT1 Caprice slicktop, Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_94_Caprice_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4189 bytes)

'94 LT1 Caprice slicktop, Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_95_Caprice_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4925 bytes)

'95 LT1 Caprice, Troop C, Mar. '02.

FHP_Crown_Vics_and_Caprice_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4796 bytes)

A mix of Crown Vics and a Caprice at Troop C. FHP rear lettering varies from small to large to none! Check out the Code 3 on the Crown Vic.

FHP_94_LT1_Black_unmarked_LT1_Caprice_with_extra_strobes_th.jpg (4971 bytes)

Unmarked LT1 Caprice with extra blue deck strobes. Troopers add any extra lights themselves. Note hat on rear deck.

FHP_unmarked_gray_LT1_Caprice_at_troop_K_1_th.jpg (3482 bytes)

Unusual color slate gray LT1 Caprice at Troop K, July 2002. As of 2002, LT1 Caprice vehicles in fleet really dwindling.

FHP_unmarked_gray_LT1_Caprice_at_troop_K_2_th.jpg (4302 bytes)

Rear view. Note missing trim ring wheel. This car will soon be out of service.

FHP_Caprice_lineup_at_Troop_C_th.jpg (4666 bytes)

Lineup of unmarked LT1 Caprices, Troop C, Mar. '02. Note spotlight on gold LT1, very unusual for FHP marked unit, also SS black grille treatment on gold and burgundy cars-I've seen this on more than one unmarked car!


FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro1_th.jpg (4537 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, one of the first in service, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro2_th.jpg (4067 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro w/Whelen low profile lightbar, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro3_th.jpg (4691 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, front view, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro4_th.jpg (4334 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, rear view, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro5_th.jpg (4761 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, another lightbar view, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro6_th.jpg (3413 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, shotgun mount behind seat, Mar '02. Thanks to Steve at SCSO.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_1_th.jpg (4558 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C , Mar '02. Note out of service cars in background preparing to get sold.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_2_th.jpg (4555 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C , Mar '02. The 2002 was the first B4C Camaro used by the FHP, and the first non-sedan since the 1993 SSP Mustang.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_3_th.jpg (4969 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_4_th.jpg (3475 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, hatch view. Note equipment still not installed completely.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_6_th.jpg (4589 bytes)

Another 2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02.  This was the only vehicle with an actual FHP plate on it, and it had a lot of brake dust on the wheels! Note still no equipment installed.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_7_th.jpg (4980 bytes)

Another view 2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02. This was the first B4C to be deployed to Troop C, Tampa.
FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_8_th.jpg (4278 bytes) One more shot of unit 1826, Mar '02..

2002_FHP_B4C_Window_sticker_th.jpg (4507 bytes)

Window sticker for FHP B4C Camaro.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_and_Crown_vic_at_Troop_C_1_th.jpg (4738 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, 2002 Crown Vic, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_and_Crown_vic_at_Troop_C_2_th.jpg (4441 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaros, 2002 Crown Vic, 97 Crown Vic, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_and_Crown_vic_at_Troop_C_3_th.jpg (4934 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, cars waiting to be pulled out of service, Troop C,  Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_and_Crown_vic_at_Troop_C_4_th.jpg (4321 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, cars waiting to be pulled out of service, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_11_th.jpg (4507 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaros, cars waiting to be pulled out of service, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_and_Crown_vic_at_Troop_C_5_th.jpg (4378 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaros, 2002 Crown Vic, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_13_th.jpg (4968 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02. Note more Camaros in row behind this one, and more farther behind those; also one off to right. 11 vehicles had just been delivered to Troop C and were awaiting equipment and deployment.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_16_th.jpg (4973 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, Crown Vic to left, out of service Caprice to rear, next to yet another new Camaro! The Crown Vic is very faded from the sun and will no doubt be following the Caprice soon.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_23_th.jpg (5129 bytes)

More 2002 FHP B4C Camaros, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_at_Troop_C_12_th.jpg (3655 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02. Note wrapping still on seat (above car), shotgun rack.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_interior_1_th.jpg (4169 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, interior. No radio equipment installed yet.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_interior_2_th.jpg (3849 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, interior with shotgun rack.

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, instructions for shotgun rack.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_interior_3_th.jpg (3350 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, interior with shotgun rack.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_interior_4_th.jpg (4074 bytes)

2002 FHP B4C Camaro, Troop C, Mar '02, interior, notice lack of 'certified calibration' on 155 MPH B4C speedometer.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_lineup_at_Troop_C_1_th.jpg (4365 bytes)

Nice lineup of brand new Camaros, Troop C, Mar '02. Window stickers are still present.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_lineup_at_Troop_C_6_th.jpg (4084 bytes)

Side shot of new Camaros, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_lineup_at_Troop_C_8_th.jpg (3676 bytes)

Another view new Camaros, Troop C, Mar '02.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_1_th.jpg (4157 bytes)

Lineup of new FHP 2002 B4C Camaros, Florida panhandle, Apr '02. Thanks to Charles Walker.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_2_th.jpg (4461 bytes)

Another view of the FHP B4C's ready to go. Thanks to Charles Walker.

FHP_2002_B4C_interior1_th.jpg (3443 bytes)

Interior FHP Camaro.
FHP_2002_B4C_interior2_th.jpg (3886 bytes) Interior FHP Camaro. Unlike the marked Mustangs FHP used, all Camaros are automatics.
FHP_2002_B4C_interior3_th.jpg (4337 bytes) Interior FHP Camaro. Note 1993 marked Mustang in back.
Lineup of FHP units downtown Tampa, Feb, 2003.
FHP Unit 1113 sits behind an Expedition, Tampa, Feb, 2003. I was at Troop C HQ when this car was delivered, it looked a bit different then! (see above photos).
Nice shot of FHP Camaro 1828 at the Troop C HQ garage, Tampa, Oct 2004.
Interior shot. These cars carry a lot of gear, including laptop, printer, orange cones(rear seat) and shotgun! 'Pro Laser' laser gun rests on seat. Kustom Ka band radar and Smart Siren are at top.
Two Camaros await retirement, Florida Turnpike, Troop K, May 2002. It will be over two years before they are auctioned! Right one has 112K miles.
Another view, Troop K, Orlando.
Two troopers with Camaro and Crown Vic, drug bust, I-75. FHP photo.
FHP Director Col. Chris Knight poses with a PSA photo along with several Troopers and their B4C's. Interesting look at the equipment in this photo, if you look closely you will see radar positioned in different locations, although external pieces are identical. Because the Camaros were deployed before the new facility in Jacksonville, each Troop can sometimes wind up with equipment like radar in different spots. FHP photo.
FHP Camaro at recruiting spot, Troop E. This would sure pique your interest more than a Crown Vic! FHP photo.
FHP B4C ready for training, Tallahassee. FHP photo.
FHP B4C keeping an eye out for speeders, I-75. Jay Mehl photo.
FHP B4C near Daytona, 2004, I-95. Thanks to..

Nice shot of a B4C and 2003 slicktop CV. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

Nice shot of a B4C and FHP 1940 Ford on trailer..even the trailer gets lettered!. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.

The last B4C Camaro in Troop C, Tampa, taken August 2007. This vehicle was driven by One female Trooper it's entire service, until she was involved in a very serious accident earlier in the year. It was subsequently sidelined to go to auction, but was yanked at the last minute and put back in service.

Nice rear shot with some 'custom' touches, incliuding SS letters and dual Bow-ties! Interior included more of the same! Photo taken on US 301, just off of I-4, a very busy road, hence the need for traffic control.

Full on rear view. You can see the bumper damage from the earlier accident in the year that involved multiple FHP personnel.

Good front shot. Camaro still looks great after 5+ years of service and has relatively low miles for one of this vintage.


FHP Charger at Homestead Speedway, 2008. Thanks to Jay Mehl.

FHP Charger at the 2008 FHP Auxiliary conference in Orlando. Unlike the B4C Camaros, FHP ordered these in unmarked variations as well.

FHP Chargers at the 2008 Orlando conference. Tough looking stance with pushbars, blacked out wheels and low profile LED lightbar!

Rear shot of two Chargers. Because vehicles are now outfitted centrally, you can notice more consistent placement of electronics and decals.

From the rear. Typical block lettering and FHP tag, dual exhaust present on the Hemi models.

Side shot of a lone Charger. Accreditation decal still in use after being applied during the 90's on FHP cars.


Fhp_cso_jan_2002_th.jpg (5243 bytes)

FHP Community Service Officer vehicle, Nov. '02, Troop C. Although the FHP uses the Impala mainly for CSO work, other state agencies such as Va. and SC have tried them for road patrol usage.


FHP Marauders, with FHP director Col. C. Knight in foreground. This initial batch of 18 units were donated by an FHP auxiliary member, and will be deployed from 1 to 2 per Troop,  FHP photo.
FHP Marauders and B4C Camaros ready for action, Tallahassee HQ. FHP photo.
FHP Marauders 2290 and 2289 unveiled in Dec 2004, Troop C, Tampa, HQ. Mark Woodhouse photo.
2290 will be used in Hillsborough County (Tampa). Nice color, the switch back to unmarked traffic units is a departure for FHP, as the desire to increase visibility in recent years had even some supervisory personnel driving marked units. Mark Woodhouse photo.
Camera crew shoots some footage, there were several stations there that day for media coverage. Mark Woodhouse photo.
With the sun showing through the tint, lightstik is readily visible, along with rear Ka band radar. This unit will be involved in a shooting shortly after being put into service, and taken offline for a while.  Mark Woodhouse photo.
Custom designed camera system for the Marauders mounts on seat back. Mark Woodhouse photo.
Nice interior view of the electronics, including Intimidator siren control; Stalker radar display seen to left. The interiors on these cars very comfortable, as to be expected with leather trim!  Mark Woodhouse photo.
Another interior view, notice video control pod, 800 MHz radio mounted next to shift, factory gauges below radio. Obviously the center console and shifter is not something present in typical Crown Vic installations so some creativity had to be used for equipment positioning. Mark Woodhouse photo.
Second unmarked Marauder for Troop C, this one silver. Mark Woodhouse photo.
Nice side shot, this one will be used in Pinellas County (Clearwater/St. Pete). Those chrome rims really make the car! Mark Woodhouse photo.
FHP 2289 along with Crown Vic at Pinellas station, Dec 2004. This vehicle will be shared among two troopers in Pinellas for maximum road time. Notice the plain Sunshine State tag as opposed to the FHP one at the press conference. Also notice the usual abundance of antennas-these are hidden as well. In response to complaints from the public, the window tint will soon be removed from all FHP Marauders. Mark Woodhouse photo.
3 Vector-equipped Crown Vics, one unmarked unit, and one slicktop round out the assortment along with this silver Marauder in Troop G. Thanks to Chris C..
Troopers receive training on any high performance car before they can take them out. Here's a very nice shot of a mix of silver and burgundy Marauders in Tallahassee; black units were also used. The rain will make for some interesting driving conditions! Thanks to Chris C..
Marauder stops traffic for Life-flight to land, I-95, St Johns County, Sep 2005. Not a good situation when a major road like I-95 has to be shutdown. Notice anything special on the Marauder? Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Give up? Red lights above, blue below! New lighting for FHP. I guess the person walking the dog figured they would be there for a while! Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Silver Marauder at work in South Florida, Sept, 2005. Trooper using ProLaser handheld. Nice action shot. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Grille LED's barely visible, nice full size shot, Sep '05.  Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Unhappy 'Crotch rocket' rider, no doubt not seeing the low profile Silver Marauder until too late! Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Joint enforcement effort between city and FHP! Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Trooper behind the wheel, ready for more. Cobra emblems on fender a nice touch. Note blue LED behind grille, Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Nice rear shot, showing plain tag, tinted windows, blue LED's, black insert in bumper cover, cell antenna, Sep '05.. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
May '06 photo at law enforcement event, Tampa Conv. Center. This 2004 Marauder has only about 30K miles on it, one of three in Troop C (2 Silver Birch, one Dark Toreador Red). It has a plain tag, no external antennas.
Front view. You would hard pressed to see this behind you-until it's too late! Ka band radar, 'stealth' LED's in the grille. These vehicles produce 302 HP stock, but have received custom tunes, composite driveshaft, and handling mods for FHP duty. These were all done at a shop in Orlando, FL area, who specializes in 4.6L performance.


Nice side view of '04 Steeda equipped GT used in South Florida for aggressive driving enforcement. Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Here's a look at the GT with a couple of Crown Vics, Camaro Troop E, Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Check out the spoiler..not your typical pursuit car! Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Unlike the Marauder, this runs a regular FHP tag, and rear external mounted led''s not exactly a low profile vehicle. Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Nice side view, Troop E, Sep '05.. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.
Nice shot of blue strobe in action. Sep '05. Photo c/o Alex Ginzburg.


FHP_Harleys1_th.jpg (5131 bytes)

FHP Harleys, detail at Tampa parade, March, 2003.

FHP_Harleys2_th.jpg (4130 bytes)

FHP Harleys, detail at Tampa parade, March, 2003.
East meets West! This '74 CHP Monaco stands next to an FHP Crown Vic and Motor Squad member and his ride, Troop C Pinellas. This car is owned by and is fully restored. Mark Woodhouse photo.
Beautiful Harley used in Troop C, Pinellas, taken at Albert Whitted airport, March 2005.
Nice shot of rear radar antenna, blue/clear strobes and equipment case. Siren control mounted up front.
Notice second radar antenna down strobes. You need to be visible riding a motor, and these will get the job done!


FHP_Van_and_trailer_at_troop_C_th.jpg (4442 bytes)

Dodge van and trailer at Troop C HQ, Mar '02.

Ford quad cab with Vector and trailer, unmarked Silver CV in foreground, Troop C HQ.

Ford Excursion, one of the Big Boys in the fleet! Taken March 2005.

Other Vehicles:

89_photos_dodge_stealth_th.jpg (4017 bytes)

1989 Dodge Stealth used by the FHP! This car sold at auction March '05.  Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.

FHP_Turbo_TA_th.jpg (3933 bytes)

Turbo Trans-Am with FHP markings, single blue CJ184 light. Photo taken around 1980-81. Thanks to Glenn Branton.

FHP_stealth_th.jpg (3943 bytes)

Another shot of the Dodge Stealth at the Orlando FHP conference. Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.

FHP still uses aircraft for Traffic enforcement. There are not a lot of markings to distinguish it from civilian aircraft. March 2005 photo.

A view of the controls. Notice the Lojack unit on lower right. These planes are staffed by two during flights.

Another shot of the cockpit. Motorola Astro radio head sits on upper right.

Misc. Stuff:

A look inside the FHP garage! A busy spot. No mechanical work here, just electronics, lightbar repair, etc.
Another view..this garage handles all of Troop C, with only two bays! 2004 photo.

Action photos:

FHP_2002_B4C_Traffic_stop_Clearwater_FL_Jul_02_2_th.jpg (3262 bytes)

Traffic Stop, Countryside, Clearwater, FL, July 2002. Little too much bass I suspect.

FHP_2002_CV_Unit_409_th.jpg (3894 bytes)

Traffic Stop, Ulmerton Rd, Pinellas County, FL, July 2002. Note FHP Camaro in foreground, unmarked Caprice in back, Code 3 lightbar on Unit 409. Don't know if the colorful rainbow is helping this suspect feel any better, but it makes for a nice photo!

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_July_02_1_th.jpg (3778 bytes)

Traffic Stop, Pinellas County, FL, July 2002.

FHP_2002_B4C_Camaro_July_02_2_th.jpg (3837 bytes)

Traffic Stop, Pinellas County, FL, July 2002.

FHP_and_Viper1_th.jpg (4230 bytes)

A very unhappy Viper driver! US 19, Clearwater, FL Aug 2002. Don't think Dad will be too thrilled either.
photos_b4c_in_clearwater_th.jpg (3988 bytes) In traffic, Clearwater, FL, Jan 2003. Photo taken from my B4C Camaro.
When worlds (and depts) collide! During a high speed chase on the Howard Frankland bridge connecting Tampa and St. Petersburg, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and FHP had a slight run-in!
Another view, the bad guys jumped over the wall but didn't get far! Commuters were obviously pleased with the situation, as it brought things to a halt.
Investigators check out the cruiser damage. Trooper will be drowning in paperwork for quite a while over this!
Deputies look on at what's left of Crown sure wasn't pretty!
On detail in Jacksonville. Notice lightstik on rear of slicktop, side window LED's, older Vector lightbar on other CV, Camaro in front. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Unit 1801 works an accident Florida Turnpike, Miami, July 2005.The roof antennas indicate a Lojack equipped car. Thanks to Dean Lautermilch
Looks like nobody hurt but not much fun! Thanks to Dean Lautermilch
FHP Camaro, Alabama State Police Crown Vic during Hurricane Katrina response, Sep. 2005. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP CV with new lightbar fuels up with Alabama State Troopers during Katrina aftermath, Sep. '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP units during fuel stop in Alabama, Sep. 2005. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP units staged at FL/AL border during deployment for Katrina, 2005. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Lined up as far as you can see!. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP Camaro on the US90 bridge, MS, Katrina effort, Sep, '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Two FHP cars sit watch on the wrecked I-10 bridge. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP Expedition with extra gas cans gears up for Hurricane relief. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Another fueling stop, tanker provided for units, Sep, '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP Crown Vic provides help in Gautier MS, Sep, '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Another look at some of the extensive damage in MS from Katrina. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Yet more damage in Miss. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP Camaro surveys the damage up close, Sep, '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
FHP Crown Vics pass National Guard helping out, Sep, '05. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
Unmarked FHP unit fuels up. Thanks to Tpr. Chris C.
A picture is worth...well you know! I shot this in Nov. 2006 on I-4 in Lakeland, heading West towards Tampa. How often do you see, not one, but TWO Hertz GT-H rental Mustangs together, unfortunately adding a some cost to the daily rental! The two drivers looked none too thrilled, as one would imagine.
FHP Javelin lightbar equipped working accident, October 2006, Palm Harbor, FL. This is FHP's newest lightbar, you can see from approx. 50 yds how bright it is!
Closeup of FHP Crown Vic with Javelin, Oct 2006. These lights appear yellow, when in fact there are very, very bright red. Notice reflective lettering and decals as well. This lightbar actually 'toggles' between blue and red based on ambient lighting - the colors are better seen day vs. night - and some Troopers have tried to 'fool' the unit by taping over the sensor to keep it blue! Tradition dies hard.
Rollover Aug '06, I-75, known as 'Alligator Alley', that cuts across South Florida near the Everglades. This road has seen it's share of some very bad crashes, this one was no better. Slicktop and Vector equipped cars work the crash. Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.
Nice shot, I-10 Westbound near I-75, Nov 2007, of an unmarked CV with rear LED bar next to Javelin equipped CV. Notice the unmarked CV is running an FHP tag.

Wreck photos:

wrecked_photos_crown_vic_and_mustang_th.jpg (4854 bytes)

Wrecked FHP Crown Vic and Mustang awaiting auction..double Ouch!  Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.

FHP_wrecked_Crown_vic_at_pinellas_jan_2002_th.jpg (5020 bytes)

Wrecked FHP Crown Vic, Jan 2002. 
Wrecked FHP Crown Vic, Jan 2002.
Wrecked FHP B4C, Troop C, Tampa, 2004.
Wrecked FHP B4C, Troop C, Tampa, 2004, drivers side...looks like a hard hit, but then...
Check out the pass side shot. This will undoubtedly be the easiest power window job ever!!
What's left of the interior..
Yet another wrecked FHP B4C, Troop C, Tampa, 2004. Unit 0037 involved in a high speed pursuit, it wound up losing a battle with a stockade fence...which is still embedded in the rear bumper cover!!
Side shot of 0037, a little worse for wear...
Another front side view...check out the wood behind the front wheel, wild!
What's left of the interior...roof controls still intact. Notice the older Crown Vic with Code 3 in background...FHP did not use many of these lightbars.

Vintage photos:

FHP'S 1940 Ford stands at the ready to nab those out of staters! Notice the FHP 1 plate, shot taken around mid-80's. This car is still used for special purpose events. FHP archives photo.

Here's another look, taken about 10 years earlier. This is a very nice full screen shot. Neat vehicle used the first year after FHP inception in 1939. Notice the state inspection sticker on windshield, this practice ended in 1982. FHP archives photo.

Here's one more shot of the 40 Ford, in the back this time, along with an '86 Crown Vic and an '89 Mustang. FHP archives photo.

Troopers work an accident in Hillsborough County during the late 70's. FHP archives photo.

Roll over accident, FHP St. Regis in background. FHP archives photo.

'72 Chevelle in foreground stops to help out. FHP archives photo.

More investigation. Far cry from how things are done today! FHP archives photo.

Neat shot of rolled over truck on I-75 near Tampa. Nice collection of vintage police cars in the shot, including Gran Fury and Caprice. Shot taken circa mid-late 70's FHP archives photo.

Deputy directs traffic as FHP investigates wreck. Nice rear profile of Caprice. FHP archives photo.

From the other side, fender of Gran Fury visible with same lettering used for many years on FHP vehicles. FHP archives photo.

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